Thursday, April 19, 2007

Where do we go from here?

I don't know what to do with this blog now.

The title is increasingly fictional, as we're not adopting through foster care, nor are we planning to try (at least for a few years). Sure, if we get cleared of these "charges", we might try again once Squeak is older. And we'll definitely keep our license active, if possible, in case Niblet ever needs somewhere to go.

I started this blog to have an anonymous place to talk about the process and my feelings without all of my family and friends knowing about it. To talk unfiltered about it all. And to gather support from the community at large. It's been wonderful and I don't particularly want to stop, but I don't know what to post about anymore.

We have a family/friends-only blog elsewhere where we can wax poetic about Squeak's cuteness, so I don't feel the need for that specifically.

I could see the need for, at some point, needing a place to vent about people making stupid adoption comments/race comments. Or simply venting about wanting to throw myself out a window when the baby spends (seemingly) hours on end being too tired to eat and too hungry to sleep.

Or I could continue writing about foster care, in the abstract. Or start blogging reviews for pay, like Baggage does.

Or keep it here for Niblet stuff, our relationship with her and her family, etc.

Obviously, there's still the little matter of the child abuse charges to deal with and I'll definitely keep you all in the loop about that. But after that....?

What do you think I should do? I know you all would love to keep up on Squeak and his progress, but I just think there are enough blogs like that and I am not sure I have much to add, especially considering that I'm not going to post any pictures for your viewing pleasure.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

(P.S. Squeak is doing well. He's 12 weeks old, filling out his 3-6 month clothes, and growing out of his small diaper covers. He munches on his hand whenever he has an opportunity, and is still nursing like a fiend.)


MommyNay said...

Well Ive had my blog much longer than Ive been fostering and while thats the current trend(as its consumed a large portion of my life) its mostly just about me and my kids my life my family and friends. I realize that many bloggers have topics and write to an audience but for the most part I dont. I keep a blog for myself I reference it all the time. One example was when I was creating A's life book I was able to look back and know when his first smile was, the first time he rolled over etc. That goes for all of my kids and dates back to before Olivias second birthday. Anyway I am sure most ppl have other creative ways to document their lives, thats mine. I also enjoy being able to go back and watch my own personal growth. I am such a different person now 3+years after starting my blog, Im thankful for it. I for one hope you stick around! Change your title if you want---there might be hundreds of other mom blogs out there--but there will only ever be ONE of you and yours :o)

FosterMommy said...

Yes, yes, I obviously see that a blog of your life, a diary, is helpful and fun.
However, we have one.
And this isn't it.
Does one need TWO blogs?

Lo said...

Well, I/we ended up with two blogs (although we largely neglect one of them) because there were two different communities we really wanted to connect with. One was a tiny circle of friends/family, and the other was a larger community of people with shared interests (in our case, artificial insemination). The support and advice we've received from the latter community has been invaluable.
I can see you turning this into an adoption blog (with interest in fostering, too, esp. since Niblet is such a part of your lives); you could easily become part of a vibrant community of adoption blogs, or even just transracial adoption blogs.
So I guess I'm saying, it depends on what your need for community is. (I find that, outside of people we know, there isn't much community on the other blogging site.)

Amanda said...

OOOh. I like Lo's idea of a transracial adoptive blog. I would love to follow you and Squeak down that path.

Susan said...

Can you email me? I have some questions about adoptive breastfeeding.