Thursday, April 19, 2007

Niblet & Squeak

We've had 2 visits so far with Niblet since we got Squeak. It's gone really well both times. Really, it's all Squeak's doing. I think he goes into self-preservation mode, because each time he has slept, in the sling, for the majority of the time Niblet's around. Then there's her nap and then we go to our friends' house for the evening until it's time to take her home.

Since he's just a lump now, she's not all that threatened. She "makes nice" and pets his head. She is used to her little cousin, who her mom babysits for occasionally, so the whole baby thing isn't new to her. I'm sure she'll get more upset the older he gets. At some point he'll start playing with *her* toys and then all hell will break loose!

Having the 2 of them for an afternoon sure is tiring, though! We, smartly, realized that we shouldn't take her overnight, at least for a while. She wasn't sleeping through the night for us as of the last time we took her, so mixing that in with Squeak would leave us quite tired here at Chez Fostermoms.

This past weekend, when we went to pick up Niblet, we brought Squeak along to meet her parents. They were very excited for us once we explained that he wasn't a foster baby and that we were keeping him. They thought he was super cute and huge (well, compared to Niblet, he is ginormous, for his age.) They joked that we should leave him with them while we took Niblet. We laughed and said that it would be great for him to visit with them when he's older. I really can picture Niblet and Squeak growing up together, like cousins.

We're hoping to be able to bring Niblet with us to this music festival this summer. It's over a holiday weekend, so her parents might not want her gone the whole weekend, and we can't plan on being able to take her every year, but it's really nice to be able to make long-term plans that include her. She may not be our daughter, but she's our god-daughter and I'm really enjoying that relationship.


Julie said...

Sweet Niblet- so glad you get to remain in her life! I wish all reunifications could be so good- Niblet needs ya'll too. I hope she gets to go with you this summer.

Lo said...

I double hope Niblet gets to come to the festival....:-)

fostermama said...

We have tentatively decided not to drag Niblet to the 2-hour-away festival that would include another trip on a train Sat eve and Sun morning (because my father has a labor chorus concert that night that we're going down for). Instead, we'll take her to the big local festival at the end of June that Pat & Sandy are performing at (she recognizes & enjoys their music). Then we can take her for one day or two days and camp or not camp and it's simpler and involves less travelling for her. She doesn't like travelling.

But at least you all got to see her last weekend! :)