Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We're big ol' child abusers - beware!!

Mommynay wants an update, so here we go.
We visited family this weekend and Squeak was a hit all around. He's started making more cute cooing noises and has a sense of humor, so he smiles when you do something he considers amusing. He's growing like nobody's business and has apparently gained more than 1 pound per week that we've had him! Go mom-milk!

On the drive home, I checked the voice mail on the cell phone and picked up a message from Joy's Evil Case Worker (who is also the CW handling the CPS case against us). She just called to let us know that they made their determination on the "Joy matter" and that it is "indicated against Fostermommy & fostermama".

That is to say, they decided we did something wrong.

We don't have all the info yet, so we don't know how we go about appealing it and getting it expunged (which is what our placement coordinator already told us is the next step), but we have calls in to all and sundry so we can get this taken care of, like, yesterday.

It's just so ridiculous. I want to laugh, but we're worried. We're worried about what would happen if the Evil CW finds out we have Squeak. We're worried about what happens if this isn't expunged and it's on our record forever. If it's not expunged, it will show up when we file in the court to adopt Squeak, and who knows if we'd be allowed to actually adopt him!? It's craziness.

What I really want to do is drop a dime on Evil Case Worker for the emotional abuse she has perpetrated, and continues to perpetrate, against Joy. Unfortunately, things don't work like that. She's just "doing her job". We're the ones who are supposed to be perfect.


Gawdess said...

This soooooo sucks!
I am sorry.

Kikilia said...

What on earth did you do wrong? She slipped through the crib... sheesh- sounds like this case worker is on a power trip.

Sorry this is happening.

Lo said...

OH NO. That is the most f-ed up thing ever. I am so so so so sorry. Expunge now, pleease.

Fostermama said...

Bullsh*t, this is all a bunch of it. I can't believe that this is happening! Is there a foster parent association where you live that can help you through this?

FosterMommy said...

A foster parent association?! If they could *take away* our basic human rights (at least those that the US of A still allows us), they would. Or so it seems.

Co said...

I am so sorry. This is utterly ridiculous.

I once called Social Services because one of my students came to school wearing a heavy coat on a very hot day and wouldn't take it off. Later, she forgot, I guess, took it off, and I saw choke marks clear around her neck. She said her 16-year-old brother did it. I didn't care who did it. Whoever did it could've killed the poor girl.

I reported it. As far as I or the guidance counselor or anyone else knew, nothing ever came of it.

Choke marks are deliberate and unmistakable. Which just makes it all the more ridiculous to me that easily explainable bruises on a small child would result in you two being indicated. I hope you can easily expunge this. This is just so completely and utterly ridiculous and none of what happened helped or protected poor Joy in any way, shape, or form.

Amanda said...

You've got to be kidding me. I *really* hope this gets cleared up soon.

Julie said...

My heart aches for ya'll. It is so scary to think they could do this to you. You are in my prayers!

I am glad to hear squeak is growing and doing so well!

A Special Family said...

I can hardly believe it....I am praying for you :)

Robin said...

This suck, sucks, sucks, but I know it will be cleared up soon! I will keep you in my prayers!!!

MommyNay said...

How LAME am I? *I* beg and beg for an update and then you do one and Im the last to comment! *geez*

First off 1pound per week? dang sounds like you make milkshakes like I did, LOL! Im sure he was a hit all around, that is one CUTE kid youve got there! I know your so proud.

Second of all, CPS needs to wake up! What kind of BS is that? Did they have her seen at a childs assesment center as a part of the investigation? How could they not see how the bruises were caused by having her legs stuck in the bars of the crib? and how how HOW can they find you responsible? You had no control over her jumping up and down in her crib and then getting her legs stuck! Mackenzie just did that the other day, I was right there as I was changing Bella's diaper, she didnt get any bruises but geez she could have! I am praying that all of this is cleared up, if it in ANY way negativly affected your adoption of Squeak..well there would just be no words! Please please keep us posted. Ill email you soon.

Jo said...

I know very few foster parents who have escaped unscathed by these kind of accusations. And they wonder why they don't have enough foster homes. I am just sick for ya. Sounds like things are going well with the Squeak, so I am thrilled you have something to get joy from.