Monday, August 06, 2007


Inspired by the other fostermama. For context, check out this post..

What a good question. I was about to start listing, and I realized I didn't know what to list. I am an obsessive plan-ahead-er, but the chaos of our lives for the past few years has muted that a bit. At the moment our big plan is to get FosterMommy through grad school to be an OT starting fall of 2008. Assuming we're not determined to be child abusers :P There are other plan-type things along those lines (adopt another child, beginnings of plans for me to be a lactation consultant for adoptive moms...).
But that's not really the kind of goal setting your post makes me think of.

I personally detest self-help books. I have only recently conceded that they sometimes have something useful to add, but then only because FosterMommy reads them and shares some of their better ideas. I guess I have rejected this type of goal-setting, but I really like this exercise you set us. Here are my results so far:

For each of us to be in a career & job that is fulfilling and enjoyable.
To have a strong family unit, full of mutual support and warmth and good communication.
To feel energetic more often than exhausted.
To actively think about what I want to teach my kids and how I want to be with them as they grow up, and then do it.
To remain healthy into old age.
To live in community (this one I feel like we're already doing, but I want it to continue to be true).

I think that's a long enough list for now. I will have to set myself to thinking more about each of these, and to thinking about the question of Goals more often.


LeftLeaningLady said...

Those are great goals, but I think you get the exhausted more than energetic for a few more months. How old is Squeak now?

Any news on that BS child abuse?

Good luck!

EggDropBlogger said...

Hey, you gals have an incredibly story and incredible hearts. One of the tensions between Nadia and I is around fostercare/adoption vs. conception, so I am very interested in learning more about your decisions and committment to foster.

Thanks for stopping by my blog during a difficult week.

Good luck with your goals. I think I should go write down a few of my own...edb

Kikilia said...

Just wondering what happened about the fake child abuse charges and if you're still getting to see Niblet.

Hope all is well.