Thursday, July 19, 2007

Good news at the County

The head of the adoption and homefinding unit in our county retired recently. She was not all bad, but she had serious interpersonal challenges. You could learn how to work her and get out from under her shoe, but she also scared off a lot of people and treated us like crap way too often. She had a hard job, granted, but she didn't have to be so hard on "her" foster parents. She also had no concept that it was more important to retain good foster parents than to recruit new ones. She had an obsession with numbers of new recruits, but didn't do a good job supporting those of us already doing it.

Anyway, her senior underling is amazing and awesome. And she just sent out a letter announcing that she got the promotion! She is now head of the unit! So exciting. I really hope she can do a good job and make some good changes in the dept. She doesn't have enough support from above or laterally (bad supervisors in other units, and clueless and politically motivated supervisors above her) but she is an amazing woman and she manages to be sane and insane in a good balance and to always be warm and supportive. I hope she manages to find good staff for under her, too (there's so much turnover, and often long vacancies). This job is a set-up for failure, but I think this woman can do it as well as anyone. And she's not going to give up. I'm just excited to have someone who is genuinely supportive of foster parents in this position. And who really seems to get it about what our lives and responsibilities and challenges are like. Yay.

Our appeal on the Joy situation is going out in the mail today. If we get cleared (please!?!?!?!) then I could see us doing this crazy thing again some day. Especially with this newest development.

Here's hoping this County can turn around and become a much better place to foster. I know she can't do it alone, but she can be a big part of good change.


LeftLeaningLady said...

I have my fingers crossed that the beauracracy does not take a person who cares about the foster parents and ruin her.

And, everything is crossed, that you are both cleared from this horrible lie. The world needs more foster parents like you!

yes-theyre-all-mine said...

Are you anywhere near the Adirondacks in NY? Sounds like my county. ~Cynthia

Julie said...

Yea! Hope the appeal flies through!

Amanda said...

Good news on the staff change up. I hope that your appeal is over quickly!

Lo said...

good news indeed. Might this even help with your appeal???
In any case, good news for the kiddos.

Robin said...

god I hope this mess is cleared up soon for you both. It really sucks! I am thinking of you and sending love and luck!!!