Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Niblet is safe and with family

Yesterday at court, a couple of people surprised us by doing their jobs.

The private agency social worker who was responsible for Niblet's parents' counseling last year has shown up and gotten involved, and she ironed out the differences between Dad and Aunt (aka Godmother) so that Dad would support Niblet going to Aunt. So it was even more clear, and that's what happened.

Also, the County lawyer brought up a subpoena for Niblet's medical records from when she was hospitalized 2 weeks ago, and a restraining order against each of her parents. For her father, so that his visits will be supervised until after his abuse trial. For her mother, so that she cannot see her at all until she's appeared in court.

It was a relief and a disappointment to know that we wouldn't be trying to get Niblet placed with us. We had changed our minds 2 nights before (in the middle of the night) and decided we would take her even temporarily. But we didn't want to deal with that if it wasn't necessary, and it's better that it's not.

We're hoping that Aunt will let us see her, and that maybe eventually Dad will surrender his parental rights to Aunt. Or at least let Niblet stay there indefinitely. With kinship foster care, the parent doesn't actually have to lose their rights at any point, it can just go on forever. At least that's my understanding.

So yay for Niblet. At least as yay as anything is for a kid tied up in the foster system.
We do feel like she's lucky. She has us, she has this social worker who was her father's counselor who clearly cares even if she doesn't agree with us about everything, and she has this aunt and uncle who are willing to take her in who seem like really good people.

It's not over yet, because her father could get her back and neglect her some more, or her maternal grandmother could somehow prevail in court and get her moved to her maternal aunt's custody in a far-away city (her birth siblings live there, but this aunt has turned Niblet down before and has only met her a few brief times). Those don't seem like the most likely outcomes, though, which is nice.

We are anxious to give Niblet hugs of our own, but we are happy to know she is getting all hugged up by people she knows and loves.


Susan said...

I'm so glad that reason prevailed. It rarely does in dependency. Check your second to last paragraph for an oops.

Yondalla said...

Oh yippee!

BTW, there is a name in the second to the last paragraph. Did I loose track of the characters (very possible) or is that Niblet's real name?

Maggie said...

Oh my goodness. I just caught up on this story. That poor little kiddo. It's just sickening to think what she was living with -- then the system just adds insult to injury. I'm glad things seem to be ironing out, though. I hope and pray she gets consistent, long-term care in a safe and loving environment.

Tricia said...

Whew. Good news.

Julie said...

I am so happy for this outcome at this time!!!!!!!! I have thought and prayed for Niblet OFTEN!! bless her little life- I hope she stays safe in the arms of her aunt!

steph said...

It seems to me many of the outcomes are bitter-sweet. All we can do is hope for the best and let go of the rest~