Thursday, February 08, 2007

The waiting game

I know you're waiting for a post, but really I have nothing to report. That's the way it is when you're on The List. And we're on 2 lists! We're waiting, ultimately, for our adoption agency to call, but we're also waiting for the county to call. Honestly, I could do with a foster baby to take over my life and help the time pass more easily.

Shouldn't I be enjoying this time to myself? The time to reconnect with fostermama, deep clean the house, have adult conversations with friends, see movies...shouldn't I be relishing this break? Well, I'm not.

I'm probably preaching to the converted, but let me tell you - I'm bored! I don't do all those other things because what I really want to be doing is parenting!

We took ourselves on a little vacation to try and get our minds off of babies and all that. But it didn't really help. And since we're doing adoptive breastfeeding, and had to keep pumping on vacation, it was a daily reminder that we don't have a baby.

Anyway, all this to say that there's no news.
We haven't seen Niblet in 3 weeks, and are planning on seeing her this weekend, so I'm assuming she's talking in sentences and gained 10 pounds. We're going to have to ask her parents if she has any new words, because we won't necessarily be able to figure out what she's saying if they don't tell us.

Oh, one cute thing for you:
We used to teach Niblet ASL signs. She recognized a few of them during her time with us and actually used a few on and off. She's a big fan of the sign for "more". We're pretty sure her parents don't use signs with her at all, but we still use them with her when she's with us. Last time she remembered/learned the sign for "milk" and the next morning, when I went into her room to get her from the crib, she sat there signing milk at me. It was super cute, and of course I immediately got her some milk. She just looked at it like I was crazy - she didn't want milk, she just wanted to show me her word!

She actually does a good job of remembering signs from one week to the next. She has 3-4 signs that she uses regularly with us. She has forgotten the finer points of the signs and mutated them to her liking, but we know what she means.
I was worried that her language skills weren't "up to par", but when we counted up her signs and her english words, she has about a dozen and her receptive skills are really good, too. So she's fine.

Hopefully I'll have a cute Niblet story for you next week. All in all, this waiting game would be much worse if we didn't have her to fill in the gaps.


Amanda said...

I so feel you on this one. I am ready to jump right back in and get a new foster baby, but PB really wants a break.

I am trying to respect that AND not go crazy at the same time. Fun.

Can't wait to hear more about Niblet.

Yondalla said...

me too... thought part of me is enjoying the time off, I am ready to be called.

I taught Andrew signs when he was a baby. "more" and "finished" became invaluable. He would be in a swing and he would fuss and I woudl ask "More or Finished?" and he would tell me! So much better than guessing. He also knew "milk", "apple" (which we used for juice), and of course please and thank you.

Gawdessness said...

Even six months in to have my two newest kids, I can still remember so clearly, how hard that waiting game is.
I feel for you and I had two other kids to keep me busy!
Looking forward to the Niblet update.

Julie said...

Yea for new Niblet stories- I have thought to try the signing but she is in daycare during the day and they don't use them so I wonder if she would really get it? thoughts? I hear you on the waiting thing- I was put back on in dec. and didn't hear anything for a month then all the sudden I have had 3 calls. I couldn't take them bc my girl was sick and daycare issues but I am working on fixing everything so the next call will be a yes! Hope you have a great weekend with Niblet!

Renee, said...

Thanks for the update! Its about time!!! Glad to hear all is well, cant wait to hear good niblet stories!